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To entrust us with the management of your property is much more than establishing a simple contract of confidence. We care deeply to maintain the property you entrust to us, to ensure of its continuity, we also know that what does not depreciate, takes value. What you entrust to us is part of your history, but also of your future. Our range of services with property management includes residential buildings, commercial buildings and others


Your property is in construction or newly available, you would like to organize your property, have the optimal fair price, find tenants, draw up contracts and leases as well as establishing the technical organisation of the building and of the services? We have the knowledge, the tools to obtain quintessence at the financial as well as  the organisational and technical levels, so  your new property is at the top of its possibilities.


You are owner of an apartment or an exceptional house ? Our service “residential lease” takes you step by step through this procedure. The estimate, the valorization of the object as well as the administrative follow-up and technique during the time of the lease are entirely treated by experienced collaborators who will aim to remove you of all concerns and annoyances related to the lease of a real estate good.

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