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Becoming the owner of a property or second property has always been a dream and a life goal for many of us. The desire of owning or investing in property has never been greater, but acquiring a property and ensuring the right balance in the family's budget must also remain a priority to ensure financial sustainability.

The buying process is complex, with many uncertainties and the many financing options multiples the choices. Our professional advisors, through their expertise and independence, are there to support you in these different steps.

Research & Consulting

- Evaluation of your situation and your budget
- Funding information 
- According to your sensitivity of the amortisation choice and fiscal strategy
- Preparation of the file for the offers


- Sending of the file to selected institutions (usually five)
- Reception of the offers, discussions preparation and negotiations
- Selection of the best offer according to your needs
- Management and follow up until a full implementation

For the renewal of a mortgage, our process is similar and allows you to reconsider your budget, tax and fiscal strategy to adapt your situation to the best possible solution.

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